Whitebark recognizes climate-related risks and the Company’s statement regarding Climate Change is available in the Half Year Financial Report (July 2 2021).

Whitebark and its subsidiary companies are committed to doing the right thing and doing it well. This includes total commitment to upholding environmental standards and demonstrating best practice.

The company has identified a range of environmental issues which it is addressing closely to ensure its activity leaves no negative impact on the areas in which it operates.

Specific details of these can be found here.

Health and safety is Whitebark’s top priority. The company abides by stringent regulations developed and honed over more than 60 years of industry experience and from millions of hours of well drilling, operating and closure activities.

All operations must be approved by regulatory bodies and are monitored daily.

Whitebark undertakes a stepped approach which includes exploration, appraisal and development with each requiring detailed approval requirements.