The directors of Whitebark Energy are committed to upholding top-tier corporate governance standards and have a range of policies and processes in place to support this.

Whitebark has made significant effort to ensure it operates in line with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations published in 2010.

Whitebark has found that, in many cases, it has already achieved the standard required and, in a number of other instances, is not required to comply with the standard set out because of the company’s size and operation.

The ASX Corporate Governance Council encourages all companies to communicate openly with stakeholders via electronic methods. In accordance with this, all relevant Corporate Governance material is made publicly available on the company’s website in a clearly designated section.

The links below provide access to information on the Company’s policies and procedures.

WBE 2020 Corporate Governance Statement

WBE Whistleblower Policy